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Thursday, July 14, 2005

EZ Board & Garden Jewels Mystery

Just a quick note to my cross stitch followers and those looking forward to starting on the Garden Jewels Mystery today, yes our EZ Board is down again. It appears to only be the server that our chat board is on.

Garden Jewels will begin today as scheduled. I have some chores to do first, like go outside and water plants since we've had almost no rain this Summer! Anyway, I expect to have Part 1 sent out by noon today (Central time).

You can always reach me via email if you have any questions. If Ez Board is not back by the time I send GJ out, I will post here to let you know that Part 1 is on it's way.


Janet said...

Thanks Pam for letting us know! I started to get paranoid that it was just me, (again). My computer tells me I may have the cookies blocked, but I know I have them enabled.

Plenty of water here...I can send you some! We should be having thunderstorms through the rest of the week.

Michele said...

Thanks Pam, thought the boss' puter still had issues...I am always futzing with it. I tried to send an email to you yesterday, but things were weird with the you ever use other peoples cats as inspiration for your designs? Michele

Pam Kellogg said...

Janet, that's the same message I keep getting too.

Michele, yes sometimes I do. Smokey Joe, who belongs to a friend of mine was the model for the Smokey Joe mystery. I've also used Magic and Ralph in my designs. They all belong to my friend Sylvia.

Gina E. said...

Pam, would you mind explaining to me about EZ Board and Garden Jewels Mystery? And who or what are your cross stitch followers? My curiosity knows no bounds! Tell me to mind my own business if you like - I am just wondering what I have possibly missed out on!

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