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Monday, July 18, 2005

Bonnet Lady Pillowcases

Well, I was all excited about sharing some photos with you this week but photography isn't my medium! I should have taken everything outside and layed them out on the table on the deck because my outside photos are usually much better than my inside photos. I suppose I could have re-taken them but with so many things to stitch, I kind of think what came out is enough for you to see.

So, I'll start with this set of Bonnet Lady pillowcases that my mom made for me awhile back. The skirts are crocheted and the ladies are embroidered. I'm not sure if this is from a vintage pattern that mom has or maybe she purchased a reproduction pattern. Anyway, here is the photo:


We don't use these to sleep on but rather, I display them on the bed as pillowshams. I only handwash them.

And here is a photo of them on the bed:


The bed is an antique from the late 1800's. I believe it's Walnut. I bought the silk floral garland and added the ribbon bows to it. My mother made both the quilt on the bed and the one at the foot of the bed. I stitched the bird pillow back in the 80's, long before I got married and only sewed it into a pillow a few years ago.


Janet said...

It looks very pretty Pam, I love the colors all together, they compliment each other well.

I do however want to know, do you have any "Art" on your walls? It isn't visible from the picture.

I have to say, my walls are quite full.

Pam Kellogg said...

I have quilts and cross stitch everywhere Janet! You just can't see in this photo. If I could ever get the hang of the digi camera, I'll try to get some pictures to share.

Kavita said...

OMG! I love these!!! The pillowcases are really beautiful and they look great with all other accessories and 1800's bed! I've been looking for this pattern for such a long time after seeing the similar pillowcases in pink. I saw a pattern made for computer embroidery machines (Corchet pillowcase ladies-Rebecca). But I'm looking for the regular pattern.

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